Gyula Julian Zacsfalvi - Budapest wedding photographer, Hungary

Gyula Zacsfalvi

Hi, My name is Gyula (Julian) and I’m a wedding photographer born and living in Budapest. 5 years ago I started photographing weddings, before that I went to photography school, assisted for a couple of years, published calendars and a book about London. Im also a family man, living with my Maltese love, my 3 years old son Noah and we have a naughty cat too.

Im passionate about traveling and documenting unique stories, and Im sure you have one too to share and capture. My style has a journalistic approach without interfering, just being there, watching and documenting not only the main events but catching the moments in between, but with a touch of fine-art when and where needed (especially when it comes to portraits). I’m quite a relaxed guy and it is my aim to make you feel at ease in front of my camera too. So don’t worry! I believe the best wedding images come from connection and working together. So I ask you to share your thoughts with me, feel free to ask me anything, I’d love to hear from you and start discussing your plans.

Some facts about me

Climbing: I’ve been climbing for around 20 years (I take part in some bouldering competitions too) and one of my favourite places to do so is Fontainebleau, France.

Chairs: I love beautiful interiors and chairs. I have many chairs in my home most of them found on the streets, renovated, upholstered.

Music: I find it fascinating, late night editing or traveling to a wedding, I always listen to music.  My current favorites are: Apparat, Bonobo, Moderat, The XX

Travel Plan

I love traveling and meeting people and since this is a big part of my work and life, I couldn’t ask for more.


April – Scotland
July – Malta
Beginning of August – Cornwall, England
End of August – Paros, Greece
October – Stockholm


End of February – Malmö, Sweden  – Copenhagen, Denmark
First half of April – Rome, Italy
June – London

End of June – Beginning of July – Sardinia, Italy
July – Malta
End of July – London
End of August – Scotland
End of September – Malta

These are plans and booked dates, so if you’re close to these areas in the mentioned dates and want to book a session, getting married or just want to chat over a coffee let me know. Dates can be moved and I’d love to add new locations to the list so don’t hesitate to get in touch.

As much as I love traveling I love the city in which I was born and where I currently live, Budapest. A city which constantly reminds me of its beauty. This coming year I’ll have a handful of weddings here too, so if you’re planning to have your wedding in Budapest, Hungary, contact me with your details and lets start a conversation.